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About Us

Welcome to The Zone Comic Shop… your one stop shop for all things Pop Culture! We specialize in New and Vintage Comics, Variant Covers, New & Vintage Toys, Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks, Sideshow Collectibles, Hot New Toys, Gaming, Statues, Posters, Clothing and tons of other cooll stuff!!! Whether shopping online or in store, our goal is to make sure you have the best possible experience and find what you are looking for. Every visit comes with a warm greeting and service with a smile! The zone Comic Shop is located at 291 North Hubbards Lane Suite 125 in Louisville, Kentucky.

History Of The Zone

The Golden Age – 1993 to 1997:

The Zone was established in 1993 by Joe Elder and Rich Smith. Their goal was to offer a much needed alternative and to compete against long established, chain stores that had taken their customers for granted. The Zone’s priority was to take comic shops from being dark and dingy to clean, hip, and friendly. The Zone was the first in the area to offer a discounted Pull List that ran off a computer program called CONTRAC. They were also the first in the area to offer special orders and reorders to comic book and toy collectors. This new way of doing things was embraced by the marketplace.

The Silver Age – 1997 to 2007:

The Zone introduced Anime and Manga to the Louisville market and began to offer numerous import toys and collectables. Not stopping there, the Zone continued to push the envelop by offering game rooms for organized gaming such as Mech Warrior, Magic the Gathering & Heroclix.  This required the Zone to move not once, but twice to larger locations to accommodate all of their gaming activity. In addition, the Zone was the first comic shop in the area to offer an Internet Cafe and LAN tournaments.  At one time, the Zone even had a lunch cafe!!!

The Modern Age – 2007 to Present:

In 2007 the Zone was purchased by Daniel Thompson. Having an extensive sales, customer service and training background; Daniel had a three prong approach to reinvigorating the Zone. REFOCUS– Refocusing on customer service by changing the term “customer” to “Guest”. A customer is someone you have to wait on where as a guest is someone you want to wait on. REBRANDING– The Zone was transformed into The Zone Comic Shop…Becoming a destination store and a country club of sorts for fans of all things Pop Culture. Had a rough day at work? Come hang out at the Zone Comic Shop! REMODEL– the Zone Comic Shop was updated and remodeled and eventually moved to its fourth and current location. The Zone Comic Shop – clean, hip & trendy, all the while offering the best Pop Culture products and always keeping a focus on building and maintaining relationships with its guest.

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